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Payroll Service

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Payroll Service

Our Payroll service is providing:

  • Monthly/Annual salary report
  • Overtime calculation
  • Allowance
  • Pension Plan (JAMSOSTEK and/or others)
  • Completion of PPh  21/PPh26 (Income tax)
Monthly salary report
  • Gross/Nett
  • Gross including: Tax (PPh and Jamsostek)
  • Report is to be given to Bank for Salary transfer.
  • Agreement with employee
  • Overtime calculation per hour to be added in salary payment.
  • Medical Allowance:
    • •Using Health insurance provider
    • •Using salary calculation (Medical/year = 2 months salary)
  • Transportation allowance
  • Meals allowance
  • etc
Pension Plan
  • Jamsostek
    • Jaminan Kecelakaan kerja (Accident)
    • Jaminan Hari tua (Pension)
    • Jaminan Kematian
    • Jaminan pemeliharaan kesehatan
  • Other Pension Plan insurance
PPh 21/26
Income tax for Indonesian
  • (PPh 21) > Income tax for expatriates
  • (PPh 26) > Completing all basic tax forms which are related to PPh 21/26.



  • For Bank Transfer.
  • Personal salary sheet
  • Monthly/annual salary report for Company
  • Monthly/annual income tax report
  • English/Indonesian version report
Database needed
  • All employee salary data
  • Personal status
  • Starting date
  • Allowance given
  • Jamsostek/pension



  • Our charges for Payroll service will be charged upon monthly service.  This will include all the reports produced by Us.
  • We will invoice based on Monthly payment after all the calculation and salary transfer from selected Bank have been done each done.
  • The fees quoted are exclusive of VAT, which will be invoiced in Rupiah. Our terms of payment are 7  (seven) days.


The personal and employment information contained in database would be regarded as strictly confidential. We will only pass all of those information only for authorized employee signed by clients.



Each of monthly payroll assignment will be conducted in the strictest confidence. Under no circumstances we will not allow any confidential information to be passed on to persons who does not entitled to it.

We will keep you regularly informed on the progress of this assignment.

We trust that these arrangements for this assignment meet with your approval. Should you have any inquiries please contact us by fill in the  form below. This Payroll assignment will commence upon your written acceptance of our terms and conditions.

We look forward to providing your organization with a valuable and quality service for their future Human Resources needs.


Formulir Permintaan Proposal & Kesediaan Presentasi
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  23. Apakah Anda ingin proposal pembanding untuk topik ini?
  24. Kami berhak mengabaikan permintaan proposal / Waktu Presentasi Jasa Konsultasi bila data yang dikirimkan tidak lengkap / akurat.
  25. Pencantuman No. handphone sangat mempermudah kami menghubungi Anda.
  26. Pemakaian alamat email gratisan tidak kami sarankan
  27. Bila Anda kesulitan mengirim data Anda melalui formulir ini, silakan menghubungi kami di: 081382666322 atau 085882828225

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